Honeybourne Primary Academy
Turning potential into success

Our Aims and Values

Our motto is turning potential into success.  We try to develop every child, see what their potential is and work hard to ensure they all achieve as much as they can.   We place high expectations upon our pupils regardless of their background, colour, race, gender, ability or age and there are no limits on learning.  All children can achieve with the support of the adults around them, to offer support where needed, encouragement and praise.

We have phrased our aims and values in 5 statements, in child-friendly terms to help share our message.

At Honeybourne Primary Academy we work together and aim to:

  • Try something new, have a go and take risks. Accept mistakes as a part of learning.
  • Always give our best effort - be responsible for our own success.
  • Think about and use what we already know to improve success.
  • Be respectful, confident and trustworthy. Take advice so we know how to move on to achieve our goals.
  • Enjoy our education by learning together, for life