Honeybourne Primary Academy
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 Welcome to Gorillas class!  Our class team consists of Miss Grant(Class Teacher) and Mrs Cross (Classroom support professional).

English  english

In English this half term we are looking at The Tin Forest by Helen Ward. We are exploring setting descriptions and character descriptions as well as learning the features of both a retell and a letter, before writing our own.




Maths   maths

In Maths this half term we are currently revisiting some aspects of  maths we learnt in Yr2 as revision,before moving on to look at Place Value. 



In topic this half term we have so far been looking at DT and Art. In Art we have beden learning about Frida Kahlo, her life and her work on self portraits. From this the children are working towards creating one of themselves but inspired by Frida Kahlo.  In DT we are looking at balenced diets, the Eatwell Plate, seasonality and how this information can be used to help us design and create a low cost winter soup. 



Science     science

This half term we are looking at Forces.



RE   Re picture

In RE, we are looking at what Christians learn from the Creation story.