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Jaguars – Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 and
Jaguar Class!

JaguarWelcome to our class page, where you will find information about this academic year.  Please also check Seesaw regularly for  important updates and announcements.



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Autumn 2023

In English, are reading 'The Last Post' by Keith Campion. It is a beautiful and poignant story consisting of letters between a father, who is fighting in World War 1, and his son. 

     the last post     

We will be creating some poetry with figurative language and a persuasive speech based on 'The Last Post'.

In maths, we will be developing our place value, addition and subtraction skills, working with numbers up to 1,000,000.

IMG E50421

Miss Copp is teaching us science and the first topic is 'animals including humans'. She will also be teaching us French and we will be creating our own French monster pets!

In history, we are learning about World War 1 and developing our understanding about Remembrance Day.

World War One

In art, we are learning about L. S. Lowry and, using a variety of sketching techniques and mediums, we will be drawing a self-portrait in the style of Lowry.

 L S Lowry  L S Lowry self portrait   L S Lowry portrait

After that, we will learn about a new artist: Rousseau. We will explore different painting techniques, using Russeau as our inspiration.

We will be developing our cooking skills in D.T. by making bread! We will research different types of bread (yum!) and then create a design brief ready to make Challah bread.

 challah bread

In P.E. we will be extending our skills in netball, hockey and dance.

Our key question in R.E. is 'What does it mean if Christians believe God is holy and loving?'. We will explore how Christians maintain a relationship with God.


'Family and relationships' is our first topic in PSHE and we will begin by considering good qualities in friends and how we would aim to be a good friend.

Our music skills will reach new heights as we develop our remixing and looping understanding across different genres of music, including clasical, jazz and pop. We will also create percussive rhythms with our bodies!

Body percussion 

In computing, we will develop our understanding of online safety so that we know how to navigate the internet safely and we will also explore uses of search engines.

'Climate zones and flooding' will be our first topic in geography. We will learn about the different climate zones across the globe and learn what to do in the case of a flood.

Climate zones