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Welcome to Panda Class - Year 1

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Welcome to Panda Class with Miss Fisher (Class Teacher) and Mrs Pearson (Classroom Support Professional). 


Autumn 1

In our English lessons we are basing our learning on the book 'Room on the Broom'. 

Room on the Broom Softcover Book – Gruffalo

We will be fully immersing ourselves into the story by carrying out role play sessions, going on word hunts and hot seating. 

Throughout this half term we will be writing our own character description on the witch, learning what adjectives are and how to write them to create an effective sentence. We will be designing our own witch's potion and then looking at list writing. We will be writing captions about the different characters and will do a lot of work including capital letters, full stops and fingers spaces, to ensure out sentences have a strong base.  At the end of this unit we will be retelling the story and writing our own retell using all the objectives taught. 

In our Maths lessons we will be looking at place value within 10. We will be recognising numbers as words, look at 1 more and 1 less, counting forward and backwards, comparing groups and learning about fewer, more and the same. We will also be frequently using the vocabularly 'less than', 'greater than' and 'equal to', to compare different amounts. We will then move onto looking at addition and subtraction within 10 and how we can work out number sentences using a range of different ways.

In Science we will be observing the different seasons. This will consist of some school field work and using our identifying skills.

In Geography we will be looking at where our school is in relation to the whole world and where we live. We will be learning about how the United Kingdom contains four different countries and will be vaguely learning about the different continents. 

In Art we will be creating our own self-portraits and will be practising using different types of lines. 

In PSHE we will be looking at families and friendships. We will be looking at what makes a good friend and how to recognise other people's emotions and how we can work together to help to sort out friendship problems. 

In P.E. we will be working in colaboration to complete team building games. We will be practicing our balancing, hopping, jumping, running, skipping and co-ordination skills in a range of different ways.  

In Music we are looking at the pulse and rhythm of a range of songs, practicing using our voices and a range of instruments. 

In Computing we will be looking at how to use the internet safely.