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Polar Bears – Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 and Polar Bear Class!

polar bear

Our topic for the Spring Term is 'Twisted Tales'. We shall be reading and sharing lots of familiar fairytales and traditional tales such as: Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, The Princess and the Pea and The Three Little Pigs (to name a few!) We will be comparing them to twisted tales such as: Jack and the Baked Beanstalk, The Wolf's Story, The Princess and the Pizza and The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig (amongst others!) We are looking forward to innovating and writing some of our own stories as well as recipes, adverts, character descriptions, postcards and letters. 

Princess        wolf        Princess        Three

One of the activities that we are particularly looking forward to is designing and then making our own finger puppets linked to our favourite traditional/fairytale character. Watch this space. We will upload some of our plans and puppets when we have made them later in the spring term. 

For more information on what we will be covering in the sping term, please look in the folders at the bottom of the page. 

Below you can see some of our work from the Autumn Term:

Polar Bears October 2020 133

At the beginning of the year we had great fun painting polar bears and creating a self portrait to brighten up our cloakroom area.

In class we have been reading different stories by Oliver Jeffers. Some of our favourites have been: Here We Are, Lost and Found, The Heart and the Bottle, How to Catch a Star, Up and Down and The Way Back Home. 

Have you read any stories by Oliver Jeffers? Do you have a favourite?

Lots of our work in class has been based on his books. We have been particualarly inspired by the penguin character who appears in two of his stories that we have read. Do you know which ones? (Lost and Found and Up and Down!)

up and down                       Lost and Found                   


penguins 2   penguins 4   penguin 1   Penguin 3

Here are some of our penguin fact files. We enjoyed finding out about the different kinds of penguins. The emperor, rock hopper and macaroni penguins were our favourites! Did you know that penguins can live in warm places too? They are usually found in the southern hemisphere. We enjoyed looking at atlases and on the globe to see where penguins can be found. 

Polar Bears October 2020 345

We have enjoyed using the atlases to learn about continents, oceans and countries too. 

p1    p2   p3    p4

We have been working on our drawing skills to create realistic representations of emperor penguins. We are really proud of our work!

Penguin pics 042

We have also explored other art techniques and had great fun using recycled paper to create these lovely penguins! 

Penguin pics 009         Penguin pics 016           Penguin pics 018

One of our favourite activities has been making penguins from clay. We learnt how to use some of the clay tools and how to use our fingers to pinch the shapes that we needed. We left them to dry and then painted them ... 

Penguin pics 059

We are really pleased with the end result! What a lovely colony of penguins!