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Rhinos – Year 6         To Save The Black Rhino, Hunting Club Bids On Killing One : NPR

Welcome to our class' page on which you will find information, plans, resources, photographs and evidence of our amazing work! Please scroll to the very bottom of the page in order to find links to planning and work set for this week, or previous work set (which can be found in the archive folder).

Summer Term 2021

For the final term, our writing will be based on the historical fiction text 'Strange Star' by Emma Carroll, and the fantasy and adventure film 'The Golden Compass' which was inspired by Phillip Pullman's 'Northern Lights'.  I am looking forward to seeing, and sharing with you, a variety of entertaining fictional pieces from the pupils!

Strange Star: Amazon.co.uk: Carroll, Emma: 9780571317653: Books     The Golden Compass Movie Review

In maths, we will cover statistics - mainly looking at graphs and charts - both constructing our own and interpreting existing ones.  Following this, our focus will be on geometry and angles.  Once we have completed these units, we will recap some of the larger and trickier areas from earlier in the year during the Lockdown period (mainly fractions, decimals and percentages) so that the pupils are given the best possible chance to recap and consolidate all of the linked skills which may have been more challenging whilst learning at home.

Please see our class topic web for a more detailed breakdown of each subject area.

I realise that this is a hugely important term for our Year Six pupils as they will be finishing the primary school stage of their education and will begin to think about transitioning to secondary school!  Therefore, we will be working hard to make sure that everyone is academically and mentally prepared for the next exciting chapter in their lives.  Nevertheless, we will also be looking to celebrate their time at our school, and in primary school, by providing them with some fun, happy and memorable experiences which I hope will go some way to making up for trips and residentials on which they were unable go.

Here's to a GREAT final term at Honeybourne Primary Academy!  Please remember to check back here and more regularly on Seesaw for more photographs, videos and memories to keep for the future! :) 

Spring Term 2021

For the first half term, the topic for the whole of Key Stage Two will be 'Amazing Americas!'.  Hopefully, this will help those families with more than one child who is learning at home.  The pupils will be taking a road trip across the U.S.A: they will be learning about mountains and rivers in both American continents and they will be producing imaginative writing set in North or South America.

In maths, we will begin with decimals and percentages, before moving on to algebra, ratio, measures and statistics later in the term.  Each morning there will be teaching videos on Seesaw to support those pupils learning at home and I will be available to contact via Seesaw and e-mail if you need any support, or to send your work for my feedback.  Well done for all of your commitment in working hard and sending work to me promptly; it's great to see your dedication and great attitudes!

Also this term, we have a new member of staff joining our class: Miss Hardy.  She will be with our class for the duration of the spring term as she gains more teaching experience.  We are delighted to welcome her to our school and class and we feel lucky to be able to have an extra educator available to help with both in-school and home learning.  I'm sure you will all make her feel welcome and make a great impression over the coming weeks!

Autumn Term 2020

Below are our self portraits which were painted as part of our Diversity topic at the beginning of this academic year; we aimed to show that there is even a great deal of diversity just within our class!

Self portraits

Below are some photographs of our recent RE lesson, in which we used clay modelling and stop frame animation to demonstrate behaviours and attitudes we would expect humanists to show.

Clay 1

Clay 2

Clay 3


So far this term, our main two topics have been Diversity in the World and, presently, we are focusing on Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (linking with Ancient Greece).  The pupils have produced some super creative writing in the form of recounts, narratives, character descriptions and newspaper articles.  Read some of their exceptional writing below!

Maddie writing

Skye writing

Tenzin writing

Claudia writing