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This half term we will be learning about The Tudor family, how they came into power and why they are one of the most famous families in history. To link with this topic, in art and D.T. the children will be drawing, weaving and creating Tudor houses. 

In R.E. this term, we will be learning about the Sikh religion, including the 5Ks (which we will be able to compare with the Five Pillars). Additionally, we will be able to compare the similarities and difference between the Sikh holy places of worship and texts with those used in the Jewish and Islamic faiths. 

Science and geography will be interlinked this term. Our science topic is Changing State with a focus on the water cycle which will link with our water topic in geography.

Finally, in P.E. we will continue our fitness sessions in the village hall and we'll also be learning how to play the formal version of rounders. 

Please find some photos of the children's ukulele sessions below. Clearly we have some budding George Formbys in the class! 



Some great and unique Ancient Egyptian D.T. work using Purple Mash. 

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Below are some Snow Leopard reports that the children wrote at the start of the academic year. These are excellent examples of report writing and could be used to help the children structure their pharaoh reports this week.  

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