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First aid and kindness

Sisters writing together at the table

Each week we’re bringing you fresh ideas to help children and young people build resilience and show their kindness during COVID-19. This week we’re focusing on first aid and mental health, and the importance of looking after yourself and others.

Here’s a few of our favourite activities from our latest set of resources – First aid and kindness.  

  • Kindness and coping - This Mental Health Awareness Week encourage young people to look after their own wellbeing and support others with theirs. These quick activities develop coping skills in order to build resilience, encourage kindness and confidence to give first aid
  • First aid at home - No first aid kit? No problem! Did you know that many everyday items could help in a first aid emergency, like a tea towel to help with a bleed. Encourage learners to find items from around the home and understand how they could help in a first aid emergency.

We have also created a parent pathway on our new learning site, First aid champions.

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Half term ideas

Children colouring Red Cross posters outside

Is your school suggesting ideas for half term next week? If so, here are a few ideas that could help you and your learners:

  • Kindness calendar - helps children and young people learn about and carry out kind acts. Use the blank calendar to think of kind acts during the holidays, there are some examples to get started.
  • Colouring activities – we've delved into the Red Cross archives to restore old posters on volunteering and first aid. Learn about our history, colour in the posters and create your own.

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