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Urgent Covid Information for Parents

We will be using this page to provide up-to-date information to parents of children at the school as it becomes available.








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We know that families are facing so many challenges at the moment with disruptions to school, work and family life. Parent Info has some lockdown specific articles that you can share with the families that you work with.

Ranging from top tips on how to cope with family life under lockdown to how to mark all those special occasions, some expert advice and reassurance can go a long way at a time like this. 


Surviving family life under lockdown

Suggestions from top experts to help families best adjust to the new situation.

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Where can your child get mental health support online during lockdown?

Signposting and resources to help families continue to support their child’s emotional wellbeing during this time of uncertainty.

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The hidden benefits of playing video games in lockdown

Andy Robertson – editor of AskAboutGames – explains how many video games offer positive experiences, including connection, education and calm. 

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How to celebrate special occasions during lockdown

Thanks to technological solutions, families can explore creative ways to mark those special days in style.

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Screen time: should I be worried?

This guide debunks those screen time myths and helps families strike a balance that works for them. 

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Covid-19 Information